Providing Media Services for Funeral Directors, Funeral Homes, and Families.

Initially launched in mid 2019, and designed in conjunction with the needs of a busy Funeral Director practice. This set of media services has been specifically tailored to deliver Funeral Service Media streaming, production, delivery, and post funeral media to the family and friends of the recently deceased.

diausFunerals is a modular solution that can be used for the following:

Pre Service:
The creation of a "Holding Page" that includes a photo of the deceased, details on the upcoming service, and a countdown timer.

The streaming of the service from any location, the streaming of the committal from any location, the streaming of any previously created content (such as a family slideshow, videos, photographs, etc.), streaming of remote family members and friends, remote viewers can add their personal message to the stream and memorial book, creation of photographs, multiple streaming devices, and a control panel to give the streamer control of the viewing experience.

The viewer experience is via an internet connected device running a web-browser. This makes it very easy for family and friends to participate remotely.

An optional online help-desk is also available to support viewers with any connection and viewing issues.

Post Service:
The creation and hosting (for 3 months) of a post stream page that includes all the viewable content provided pre-service and created during the service.

Additionally, all material can be made private with the use of a password.


If you join our growing network of resellers and videographer streamers, you will have access to:

  • a revenue source,
  • all the tools you need,
  • all the training you want,
  • assistance when needed,
  • access to a national sales force,
  • the ability to be involved in other events needing streaming.


The diausGroup resellers are a group of businesses that offer services to their clients across the globe.

Each of these resellers has detailed in-depth specialist knowledge, and offer uniquely tailored services to their clients.